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Swaniti Initiative
We are a Delhi-based social enterprise committed to providing development solutions to policymakers and State Government through on-ground interventions in-depth research and data analysis on issues of health education gender water and sanitation and livelihood.
Jaano Local
Jaano Local solves the problem of serving contextualised hyper-local official information about public services while creating a channel for public feedback that helps in identifying specific challenges in each area. Find COVID-19 Testing centers in your area get contact details. Stay informed with official notifications through the Curated Newsfeed and share your experiences and thoughts with your local area in the Community feed.

What is "Jaano"?

Can I access the app without signing-up?

I have lost my old phone. How do I get my old account with a new phone number?

I am not getting OTP on my phone number. What should I do?

How can I change my language?

In how many languages Jaano is available?

What is Official Feed?

What is Offer Help Feed?

How can I request for help?

How can I offer help to others?

What is "Mark as a Solution"?

What is "Thank you Note"?

What is Local Stars?

How can I be a Local Star?

What is "Jaano Point"?

How to block or unblock others in chat?

How can I send message to someone on Jaano?

My app is not working properly. What can I do?

How can I share my feedback to Jaano?

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